Monday, March 30, 2009

Work-Out Updates

I decided a while back to stop posting my workouts here. I have a log that I keep off-line to track progress, which is a better method for me.

I did buy new running shoes tonight. I've needed them for a while, but the Saucony model I normally buy is rather expensive (really good motion control shoes which saw a $25 price increase this year) and is not carried locally. I have to order them. However, a local sporting goods store was having a sale on running shoes, and there were a couple pairs listed in the flyer that I wanted to try as an alternative to spending $120.

The first pair was a Brooks model, which were a closeout of last year's model. Runner's World had flattering things to say about 2009 version of the shoe, and it seemed like it would be a good shoe for my flat arches. OK. They were comfortable enough, although they felt different than my old Saucony's which I had worn to the store.

Then I tried on another pair on a whim, an Asics shoe. As soon as I tightened up the laces, I knew I had found the shoe I wanted. They hug my foot just like the Saucony's, and there was plenty of room in the toe box. I know nothing about this shoe other than that -- it fits like my Saucony's. Oh, and the shoes were cheaper than I thought. With a coupon from the flyer, I got the Asics shoes, nice new cushiony insoles with arch support (a must), and brand new running socks, all for less than $80.00.

Tonight the shoes go for a test run.