Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Work-Out #3

Location: The club again. It was 40 F out, but overcast and drizzling a mix of snow and rain.

Mileage: 2 laps to warm up, then 26 minutes of continuous running at about a 12 min/mile pace. 2 laps to cool down. Total mileage was about 2.4 miles. Started out tired from last night, but at the end, even though my legs were tired, I could have continued running. Decided not to push it.

Duration: A little over 30 minutes, not including stretching time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Work-Out #2

Location: TKD school

What we did: Conditioning night. Lots of jumping and running around; some good squats. Not much TKD.

Duration: 1 hr


Tomorrow, if the weather holds, I'm hiking up one of the local hills with a friend. (Weather holding means it's above 40 F outside).

Work-Out #1

Last night was my very first work-out on road to running the half marathon. Since I've found training logs to be motivational, I'll be using my blog to keep track of work-outs -- all my work-outs, not just the running ones.



Work-Out #1

Location: The local gym. It was 34 F outside, overcast, and damp. Not my ideal running weather.

Mileage: A little over two miles. Warmed up w/2 laps. Ran about a mile. Walked 2 laps. Ran about another mile. Then cooled down with 2 more laps. The second mile got pretty tough at the end. Legs were tired, lungs were OK. I really need new running shoes, though.

Duration: Oops, forgot to look at my watch.

TKD is tonight. We'll see how my legs feel after that.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A New Plan

I've always done better at sticking to a work out plan when I'm training for a specific event. The last event I trained for was my second degree black belt test. I worked out pretty hard for six weeks, and although I did see some improvement in my cardiovascular fitness, I didn't see the numbers on the scale go down any.

Right now, I'm the heaviest I've ever been (about 176 give or take, depending upon the scale I use), and I'm tired of it. I still want to continue to improve my fitness and lose weight. So I need a new plan.

The other day, my yougest sister gave me a flyer for the 3rd annual local marathon, which also includes a half marathon and 5-K and will be held on July 12. A friend and I had talked two years ago about trying to run the half marathon. 13 miles is twice as far than either of us had ever run, but we figured we could easily do a combination of running and walking and still finish in the time allotted. And then nothing came of it.

This year is different. The half marathon is going to be my goal. I have five months to train, and I'm going to sign up for an inexpensive group training program offered by a local running group that starts in three weeks. The minimum run length, according to their web site, is 2 miles. I can get up to that in three weeks.

My ultimate goal will be to lose 20 pounds and finish the half-marathon in under 3 hours.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Funny Story

The other night, I'm getting ready to leave my TKD school. It's about 7:45 p.m., and it's 5 F (if that) outside. I'm sitting in the lobby putting on my shoes when a six-year-old boy comes out of the locker room with his boots and his bag. He sits down and starts to put on his boots. He's wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

I look at him and say, "[his name], don't you have a coat?"

He says, "Oh yeah! It's in the locker room."

He runs back into the locker room, gets his coat, and comes back out. Five minutes later, I'm standing around talking to another (adult) student. Our sixteen-year-old instructor (who is almost seventeen and mature for his age) goes out the side door, starts his truck to let it warm up, then runs around and comes back in the front door. He says something about it being cold outside. He's wearing....a t-shirt and jeans.

I look at him and say, "[his name], don't you have a coat?"

He says, "Oh yeah! It's in the locker room."

He runs back into the locker room, gets his coat, and comes back out.