Monday, January 28, 2013

New Year = Blogging Again

One of my new New Year's resolutions was to begin blogging again, even if it is just about random daily stuff that happens. I'll likely still talk more about books, writing, etc., but I'm hoping to get into a habit.

My other New Year's resolution is--like many other people's--to get back into shape again. I signed up for a new gym that offers a good cardio/boxing/core class. I've gone several times and have liked it immensely so far. Unfortunately, since my body is so conditioned to doing the kickboxing moves for so many years, I foresee that I will soon have to supplement the workouts with running and lifting.

I would also like, if I can lose some weight, to run in a half marathon in July. My goal is to run at least half of the distance and walk the other half.

So that makes two goals: Lose 20 pounds by the end of the year and run the half marathon. I'll be posting updates regularly (hopefully)

I'm also going to be updating my review blog with all the reviews I've posted at Amazon and possibly Goodreads. I'm up to 66 reviews at Amazon, although some are short. I've been reading some free self-published books, including poetry, lately, but I have yet to make a spectacular find.