Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Back in the land of snow and ice

OK, I'm back and horribly jet-lagged at the moment. Flying east didn't bother me--maybe the excitement of the trip took the edge off--but flying west really knocked me for a loop. It took us about 18 hours of traveling to get from the airport in Freeport (Grand Bahama Island) to my front door. Ouch!

Grand Bahama was wonderful. The temperature stayed between 63 F and 73 F the entire time. Ahh, balmy and mild. Thunderstorms rolled through on Saturday afternoon, but otherwise we were able to stay outside and active most of the time. We rode horses on the beach one afternoon (and I'm still sore!) and took a glass-bottom boat tour over a coral reef another day. We saw sharks, grouper, and other fish whose names currently escape me.

One of my weaknesses is seafood. And I ate quite a bit of it the last few days. Lobster, snapper, and conch, in particular. I wanted to try grouper, but I couldn't bring myself to eat it deep-fat fried--or "cracked" as the Bahamians call it. Conch was the best of the bunch by far. Conch--which is basically a large snail-like shellfish--is very meaty and has a subtle flavor. It isn't slimy like clams or oysters. It makes for a very filling meal.

More observations are to come, but for now, I must actually do some work. Have to pay off all those credit card bills from the trip...

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