Thursday, May 25, 2006

Literary Agency Red Flags

Literary agency web sites are cropping up like crazy these days. How to tell the good from the bad? Well, here's one red flag. When the agency posts misleading statements such as:

From the Desert Rose Literary Agency (member of Writer Beware's "Twenty Worst Agents") web site--

"...most agents avoid unknown writers and only want to work for authors who are already published."

From the Aspirations Literary Agency web site--

"Thousands of writers are turned away each year because they are unable to get past the stigma of being unpublished or self-published."

No and no. There is no stigma to being unpublished. Agents avoid writers who don't write well or whose work the agent doesn't feel strongly about. New writers probably find it hard to get an agent because about 95% of them simply don't write well enough--yet. I know I'm in the "not yet" category.

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