Friday, September 22, 2006

Pictures from Yellowstone (hopefully)

I've set up an account at photobucket to hold my Yellowstone pictures. Let's see how well this works...

Picture of a bison grazing

Bison and baby bison

What Park visitors like to call a "bison jamb" and, of course, a minute later.

We also saw a moose and baby. I haven't cropped the picture, and the woman you see in it is standing on the shoulder of the road. That's how close these moose were to the maybe 20 carloads of curious tourists.

This is Grand Fountain Geyser, quiet with the sunset behind it (I'll have to get the erupting geyser pictures from Youngest Sibling's camera this weekend). These are all of the photographers who showed up to take pictures of the geyser.

Pink Cone Geyser also erupted while we were nearby.

Some of the hot springs are very large and give off a lot of steam. Note the size of the people on the boardwalk in front of the spring.

This is the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone (you have to be there to truly appreciate their size):


yngathrrt said...


See what time it is? I saw 2 of the pictures, plus the one of the waterfall and will be back tomorrow to view them all. But, right now, I have to skip it due to my TURTLE NET computer. I loved the second picture from Photobucket, not just because of the bison and baby, but because of the beautiful scenery behind them. You must have an excellent camera.

Can't wait to see the rest tomorrow.


Julie Doe said...


You must be on dial-up. *grin* That's why I didn't want to put all the pictures in one post. It would have taken the page FOREVER to load at slow speeds. And I'm not a patient person...

I'll try to get some more photos loaded in this weekend. I know that Youngest Sibling has some really good geyser landscape shots.


Ms. Karen said...

ooh, I loved Yellowstone. It's been years (I think I was 12 when my parents and I went there). I remember the bear wandering around, jamming traffic and being a pest by wandering up to cars and begging for goodies.

The smell... I remember at one point, after being there for several days, crying and telling my mother that I couldn't breathe anymore without gagging. Good thing that was our last day there.

Thanks for sharing your trip. It sounds (and looks) like you had a blast.


yngathrrt said...

Hi Julie, yep, I am on dial up way out here in the country. My nick name for that is TURTLENET. LOL Heck out here, we are lucky to have even dial up (heck we are lucky to have indoor plumbing, and boy do I hate it.

But, I did get to see the rest of the pictures. They are just beautiful. Excellent shots. I am jealous that I did not get to go.

Julie, by the way, go check out my new blog and tell me what you think and any suggestions you might have.


Julie Doe said...


I think the smell is sulfur, and I know what you mean. I wore one pair of jeans for two of the days I was there, and when I pulled them out of my suitcase to wash them, I could smell them! It came out, though, thank goodness.


Turtlenet, I like that! I'll be sure check out the new blog tomorrow. I cruised through there the other day but didn't really have time to stop and read it all.