Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Reading Fiend

I’ve been on a reading glut since NaNoWriMo ended (and no, I didn’t win – otherwise you’d be seeing the little winner icon over there in my sidebar.) I cleaned off my shelves and took the books I no longer wanted to the used book store, where I traded them for credit and/or other books.

One of the books that I traded for was “The Ultimatum” by Susan Kearney. I’ve previously said that I won’t ever spend money on her books again, and I stand by that. (Trading isn’t really spending money.) I was pleasantly surprised, however, because “The Ultimatum” was better than her previous books. For one thing, the hero and heroine of this book are both likeable. A review is coming soon. She also has a fourth book coming out; I’ll likely trade for that one, too. It’s the last in the series.

Then there are the Montana authors:

I read “Iced” by Jenny Siler. The story is set in Missoula, Montana, where Ms. Siler lives and a place that I am familiar with. Which was much of my problem with this book. More on that later. It’s also clear from her writing that Ms. Siler is a big fan of James Crumley (another Montana author). Her style is VERY similar to his – short, choppy sentences and a gritty, seedy, noir feel to the story.

Patricia Briggs’ “Moon Called” was the last book I read. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and I intend to check out Ms. Briggs backlist. More on this later, too.

So when I get back to my highspeed Internet access, I’ll put in the links to the books on Amazon. But for now, if you want to do more, you’ll have to a bit o’ cut and paste.

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