Saturday, August 12, 2006

Review of "Parallel Lies" by Kate Donovan

I've finally gotten a review of "Parallel Lies" posted at my other blog. Check it out.

My TBR pile has also increased dramatically thanks to a giveaway I won at Lynn Viehl's blog. She blogs frequently, and if you are a writer, I highly recommend including her blog on your daily "must read" list.

I've got a couple more reviews I'll try and get finished over the weekend, but no promises. Lots going on, and the weather is far too beautiful for me to spend my time sitting inside in front of the computer. Maybe what I need is a laptop with WiFi. I could sit outside at my favorite coffee shop and write to my heart's content.


Ms. Karen said...

What a great blog! I found it...ummm... Crud, I can't remember. But anyway, I found it and I'm glad. It is well-written and entertaining.

I am also sitting inside on a beautiful day, reading blogs and doing some writing. Despite the "writer in the coffee shop" cliche, I have to agree that it would be an ideal activity on a day like this.

Julie Doe said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the compliments. You might have found me through Katie's blog. I've posted there a few times.

My favorite coffee shop just remodeled. They doubled their floor area and added the wireless Internet. And even better in these months of ungodly gas prices, they are within walking distance. Unfortunately, I've had to just about completely give up coffee (or rather caffiene, but what's the point of drinking coffee without caffiene). It does silly things to my heart.


Ms. Karen said...

Yes, you're right, it was through Katie's blog. I tend to bounce around and forget where I've been.

I'm afraid caffiene is doing the same silly things to me as well, which is a shame, as I've yet to find a decaf coffee that tastes good enough to be worth the bother.