Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Time Out for a Rant (Not Writing-Related)

Several years ago, eight blocks of a main arterial street in my city were changed from a pot-hole-ridden undivided four-lane to a divided four lane with a beautifully landscaped median and new lighting. Great! I drive this street back and forth several times a day--to work and back, and I go home for lunch. Traffic moves better than ever.


Every other week, the common-sense-challenged folks at the city perform routine maintenance on the median landscaping--during the morning rush hour. Yes, during rush hour!

They block off the inside lane in each direction so that they can park their service trucks and unload the mowers and leaf blowers and trash bags. What the hell are they thinking? Why can't they do the work between, say, ten and eleven a.m. after traffic has calmed down? The Lord--or maybe the workers' union--only knows.

This morning traffic was backed up several blocks as drivers tried to merge into one lane. Grr... I might have to find a new route to work.

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Ms. Karen said...

Yeah, they're probably the same city planners who are putting in a median on a busy road (to "beautify" it. The problem is, the fire department will NOT be able to use that road to get to all the homes in the area because they will not be able to get through some of the median breaks.

I'm pretty sure they're going to put a stop to some of that "beautification" but I don't know that it will help with traffic flow. By the way, the street is only two lanes (one each way) so it makes me wonder where they're going to come up with the extra space for this project. Oh, yeah, probably take it from the scant parking available to the businesses along the road.

Silly twits.