Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Catching Up

It's been a slow morning here in the north. I'm at work, and it's quiet because two of my colleagues are at a training seminar. Outside my window, the trees are like skeletons in the thick fog that has blanketed the town this morning. I can't even see the traffic on the nearby street. My favorite radio station has chosen to play mostly slow melancholy music.


I tinkered with the blog last night. My 2007 Book List has been perma-linked (is that a word?). I've also updated the "Now Reading" section, which hadn't been touched in....oh...many moons. The next project is to find or make a new header for the whole blog. Something more interesting than a green block with my name in it.

I've also started outlining my next book. The first two books died because of poor plotting, and even though I recognized the weaknesses, I plunged into the writing thinking that I could force the plot to fix itself. It didn't work. Both books irreparably died around 35,000 words (and I was shooting for about 65,000).

This time, I have a much better conflict between the protagonists and the antagonist. The characters have clearer and more realistic motivations for their actions. I'm hoping to have the basic outline done by Sunday. Then I'm going to expand it into a synopsis, from which I'll eventually start writing.

And that's all for today. Tomorrow's post will be Thursday Thirteen Edition #5.

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Indigo said...

Oh I'm sorry. May they rest in peace. Maybe they will reincarnate into another more powerful story. Stephen King had to scrap all of Christine and rewrite it and that was the book that launched his career. There's hope.