Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - #4

Thirteen plants you'll find in my backyard:

1. Iris
2. Pansies
3. Tulips
4. Peonies
5. Russian almond
6. Bee balm
7. Oriental poppies
8. Day lillies
9. Lilacs
10. Mint
11. Wild rose
12. Raspberries
13. Dandelions

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And from the comments:
1. Anni


Anni said...

Sounds like a beautiful backyard in the spring!

Julie Doe said...

Thanks. It's taken us about six years to get the flower beds full enough to look good and to give us a riot of color all summer long.

Leslie said...

Aaahh, good idea for a list. I do mostly perennials. Your garden sounds wonderful!!

ancsweetnsassygal said...

I don't have a green thumb (or a backyard) so I'm jealous. I love pansies, tulips, and roses. I bet you're just waiting for spring when they start to bloom. Great TT and happy Friday.

Julie Doe said...

Leslie, I love perennials! I know that pansies technically are an annual, but most of ours keep coming back year after year. Even so, we always have to liven up the beds with annuals every year. My favorite are petunias.

SweetNSassy, I loved the list at your site. I wanted to post, but I don't have a yahoo account. Hey, you can plant tulips in pots, you know, and grow them indoors.

Mama Kelly said...

Must be gorgeous during the warn seasons !!! Im sure it was a lot of work


Mama Kelly

Molly said...

Some of my favorites!


Indigo said...

I would love to be in your backyard this spring. My mother has a green thumb but unfortunately I didn't inherit it from her.

Julie Doe said...

I think the secret to a good garden is choosing hardy plants. That way, if you get too busy to water or, in my case, when your dogs decide that they need to run up and down the flower beds and bark at the neighbor dogs, the plants still grow back.

yngathrrt said...

Julie, your back yard sounds wonderful. At our new home, we have all kinds of plants, and I do not know what most of them are yet, but am trying desperate to find out all I can about them, and how to care for them.

We are starting our garden, which is something we have never done before, and I hope we have at least a little of a greeen thumb.