Monday, October 29, 2007

OK, So I'm Not Completely HTML-Impaired

I played around with posting images this morning, and I think I've fixed the problems with the simultaneous-image-and-text formatting. Unfortunately, I did two different things to two different posts. Hmm...

The Hound Dog is underfoot at work with me today. He's been off his Diazepam (i.e. Valium) for a week now, and I think he needs to go back on it. Someone fired up a lawn mower (i.e. spawn of Satan) on Saturday. Since then, he's been tip-toeing around listening intently to ever single sound from outdoors. His mind works in odd ways:

Sound of someone raking leaves -- bad

Sound of Skil-saw -- fine

Sound of someone shovelling snow. -- really bad

Sound of nail gun (the framing nail gun!) -- fine

Sound of motorbike that sounds like a lawn mower -- bad

Sound of thunder, fire works, etc -- fine

Sound of airplane that sounds faintly like a lawn mower -- bad

Sound of trains banging together -- fine

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