Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Creepy Stuff One Finds on the Internet

So I was cruising around today looking for a good picture of an actor to go with tomorrow's post about a movie, and I discovered something really really creepy: real people slash fan fic.

I've never gotten into either writing or reading fan fic. Writing it constitutes copyright infringement, and most of what I have read is poorly written. In fact, I've read exactly ONE piece of fanfiction that held my interest beyond the third paragraph (and that one was, surprisingly, a really well-written story). Still, though, I can see how some people might want to play around with characters that they love. OK, fine. Note that I said "characters".

But real people fic? Where the "characters" in the story are not the fictional characters, but the actors playing the characters (I'm talking a TV show here)? That's borderline obsessive stalker-chick territory.

And then to make it slash? (when the actors are most definitely not gay)

I couldn't delete the links where I found this stuff from my browsing history fast enough.

I'm not a prude, but RPS makes me want to wash out my computer with bleach.

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