Friday, January 25, 2008

Retelling Tales

A couple of month's ago I discovered this e-book It's a retelling/re-imagining of the story of Cinderella. (I can't remember now just how I found it.) I've also read "Yellow Brick Roadkill" by Michelle Rowen, which found via a link on Lynn Viehl's blog. I thought was very imaginative and funny. Guess which story this is a retelling of...

Both of these got me thinking, and I've started working a different version of the Snow White tale. In my version, Snow White is not a dim-witted child who falls for several tricks and relies on a handsome stranger to rescue her. I like strong heroines, so the challenge here was to keep enough of the original story and themes to make it recognizable and yet make Snow a smarter, stronger, more resilient and ultimately more sympathetic character.

Oh yeah, and there's sex and violence in it, too. Heh.

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Beth said...

Hurrah for blog updates! You inspired me to revive Muffin Love and post a new poem on Wannabe Cowgirl, so thanks for that inspiration. And I'm psyched about this short story idea. :)