Sunday, January 14, 2007

3 x 3

Just a quick post tonight. I was cleaning out my bookshelves, drawers, and boxes of books that have accumulated over the years, and that got me thinking. I've posted before about books I don't like. But I haven't said much about books I do like. So here are some:

By Lynn Viehl:

"If Angels Burn"
"Private Demon"
"Dark Need"

Tales of the Darkyn, vampire bad boys, and the women who can’t resist them.

By Holly Lisle:

"Midnight Rain"
"Last Girl Dancing"
"I See You"

Not a series, but three paranormal suspense/romance books (warning, they've got a bit of violence in them, so casual romance readers may not like them).

By Stephanie Feagan:

"Show Her the Money"
"She’s On the Money "
"Run for the Money"

Silhouette Bombshell series about a crime solving CPA named Whitney “Pink” Pearl and the two men who love her.

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