Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - #1

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In their own words, the Thursday Thirteen “is a blog meme with one purpose - to get to know bloggers better. Thirteen is the magic number - because Thursday Thirty is too many!” If you wish to participate, you can get more info at the Thursday Thirteen FAQ page. Scroll down to Meme Questions.

So here is my first edition of this. Today’s list is thirteen things that annoy me (‘cause it’s been that kind of week):

1. Smoking. Recently, the restaurants around here were required to become 100% “No Smoking” (Yay!). Many of the restaurants I like have outdoor seating, and on warm days, my friends and I like to take advantage of that. Unfortunately, the “No Smoking” doesn’t apply to the outdoor seating. The smokers sit right next to us and light up, thus ruining the best seating.

2. Hypocrisy. Intellectual tom-foolery. Enough said.

3. Someone repeatedly mispronouncing words. A good friend of mine does this when he says “sup-pos-ab-ly” instead of “sup-pos-ed-ly” and “jew-ler-y” instead of “jew-el-ry”. I want to correct him, but since it would annoy me if someone constantly harped on my speech, I keep my mouth shut.

4. Writers who claim that spelling and grammar don’t matter, that it’s the story that counts. Good grief! If you love language enough to want to be a serious writer, then you should love it enough to want to know how to wield it properly.

5. Movies that hit you over the head with “moral of the story”. Movies like this don’t consider the viewer smart enough to “get” the point from watching the story unfold. They have a character flat out tell you.

6. People who drive 5 miles an hour below the speed limit in the fast lane while passing someone who driving 6 miles an hour below the speed limit in the right lane.

7. My neighbors, who have recently decided to part in front of my house instead of their own.

8. Someone buying the last cranberry bagel from the bakery before I get there in the morning.

9. Spam. This morning in my work e-mail were 38 messages, 35 of which were spam. And that’s with the spam filter working.

10. When I tell one of my co-workers something and five minutes later, he asks me a question, the answer to which he would already have known if he had listened to what I told him five minutes earlier. (Diagram that sentence. I dare you.)

11. Hillary Clinton’s voice. Shrill and shrewish.

12. 99% of rap music. The message stinks.

13. Below zero weather!

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Anonymous said...

We're sorry to hear about your neighbors' parting. How very rude to split up in front of your house instead of their own. ;)