Monday, January 08, 2007

Publish America Follies (yes, again)

A while back, a group of professional writers got together to write a really bad book . They submitted the book, called "Atlanta Nights", to PublishAmerica, and the bottom-feeding printer quickly slurped it up.

Now it has happened again. PublishAnything has accepted "Crack of Death". Read all about it at the links provided.

[ETA: "Crack of Death" now has a web site.]


yngathrrt said...

You know what Julie, this does not surprise me at all. They will publish anything. When I first started looking to publish a book of my mothers poems, I had checked into PA and they wanted to publish the book site unseen. That concerned me so I checked them out better. (I was new at this.) They called me, emailed me, over and over again. I told them that I DID NOT want to publish with them but with a publisher that did not have such a bad reputation as they. I finally just put it on Lulu.

People that call themselves a published author that has a book through PA is just bunk. Especially seeing how they will publish anything.


Julie Doe said...

I'm glad you were able to avoid PA. They actually called you to get you to sign? Wow, that's high pressure sales.