Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - #3

Thirteen reasons I use to procrastinate at writing:

1. The sun is out, and I can go for a run.

2. House is on.

3. My home office is cold (big windows + below zero weather = cold room)

4. I just made a haul from the book store, and I have to read at least one chapter of one book.

5. I know I can beat my last Bejeweled score if I just play a little longer.

6. The toilet needs to be cleaned.

7. My fingers don’t work well after two glasses of wine.

8. The neighbors are mowing their lawn, and my terrified, 65 pound dog is literally sitting on my lap (which makes it hard to type).

9. My desk chair needs to be replaced.

10. I need to practice my pool game.

11. My muse decided to take an extended vacation – without me.

12. Pier 1 is having a big sale.

13. I’m out of coffee.

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From the comments:
3. Amy


Fence said...

Procrastination was a feature of my TT too :)

ms-teacher said...

you stole some of my excuses, er reasons, why it took me forever to get on my literature review for my thesis :)

Great TT!

amy said...

I liked that list! I have some of those on my list sometimes